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Converting Word Tests to D2L Quizzes

Introduction This Knowledge Base article will show you how to convert any exams/test/quizzes that you have in Word documents, into D2L Quizzes that students can take online through PPCC Online (D2L) Outline of the Process Algonquin College has created an online tool that can help you convert your Word Tests into D2L Quizzes. Here is … Continue reading Converting Word Tests to D2L Quizzes

Create a New Quiz with New Questions

Creating new quizzes from scratch in D2L is a very labor-intensive activity.  We recommend using publisher testbanks if you plan to have very many Quizzes within D2L.  However, for shorter, and one-off quizzes, here’s how to create them: https://youtu.be/1uRfLrZdEzc

How to Print a Quiz in D2L

Introduction You may be wondering, “why would I want to print a quiz in D2L?”. Well, you may want to print a quiz to assist ACCESSibility Services in making an accommodation, or to provide it to your students in the classroom. What You Need To print a quiz in D2L you can either do so … Continue reading How to Print a Quiz in D2L

How Students can See Feedback for Quizzes in D2L

Purpose of Article The purpose of this article is to show how students can access their feedback for quizzes in D2L. Keep in mind, you will need to make sure your Quiz’s Submission View is setup correctly, for students to be able to see feedback. Step By Step Guide First the student will want to … Continue reading How Students can See Feedback for Quizzes in D2L

Grade essay questions

Long Answer (LA) questions are a good thing to add to quizzes.  It allows students to be assessed at a higher level of thinking and can also discourage copying of answers between students. There is one big drawback to LA questions though, the instructor has to grade them.  So, let’s take a look at how … Continue reading Grade essay questions

Link Grades to a Quiz

Quizzes can be a wonderful feature in D2L.  They can grade some question types automatically giving students feedback instantly.  In this case, we aren’t going to look at the Grades link to a Quiz. To start, let’s go to Quizzes and click on the Quiz we want to link to Grades: Now, let’s click on … Continue reading Link Grades to a Quiz

Find missing or “In-Progress” quizzes

One of the common issues we end up answering is about incomplete or “in-progress” quizzes.  These are usually caused by students not submitting a quiz correctly and the settings not forcing the submission of the quiz.  So, the quiz can’t be accessed by the student and it doesn’t show up by default for instructors as … Continue reading Find missing or “In-Progress” quizzes

Allow students to see the answers when they are done with a quiz

Some quizzes you want your students to see the write answers as soon as they are done.  Other times, you don’t want them to see the questions.  This can be controlled using Submission Views.  Go to the quiz and click on the Submission View tab.  The Default View is the one the students see by … Continue reading Allow students to see the answers when they are done with a quiz

Write questions in a quiz

Once the quiz has been created, it’s time to add questions. The Add/Edit Questions button can be found on the Properties tab: Now it’s time to figure out how we are going to get questions into the quiz.  If you have questions in the Question Library or have a D2L file to add questions, you … Continue reading Write questions in a quiz

Create a quiz

The process of creating a quiz has been altered from previous versions of D2L.  The logic, though, is very much the same.  We start by going to Quizzes and clicking on the New Quiz button: There are 5 tabs.  We will take a look at each as an overview here.  The first tab is where … Continue reading Create a quiz