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PowerPoint Accessibility Overview

General Accessibility Concepts Creating accessible PowerPoint files follows many of the same principles as techniques as creating accessible Word or Excel files: Descriptive Hyperlinks Adding ALT Text to Images/Charts Creating Accessible Tables Not using color alone to convey meaning or emphasis Structure Use the built-in Accessibility Checker PowerPoint Specific Concepts Due to PowerPoint being unique … Continue reading PowerPoint Accessibility Overview

Reading Order in PowerPoint

Reading Order Because of how PowerPoint renders content, it is possible that users with a screen reader can read your content in a different order then what is visually displayed. This is called Reading Order, which is the order in which content is actually read to a user. You can easily change the reading order by … Continue reading Reading Order in PowerPoint

The Accessibility Checker (Microsoft Office)

What is the Accessibility Checker? The accessibility checker is a built-in tool in Microsoft Office for Windows (versions 2010 or newer), and also Microsoft Office for Mac 2016, that can check your documents for common accessibility errors. In addition it will provide information on how to fix the error, works in real-time, and can even … Continue reading The Accessibility Checker (Microsoft Office)

Accessible Images in Microsoft Office

How to make Images Accessible? Images are a really great instructional resource, but what if the student can’t see the image? Luckily we have a couple tricks we can do to make images accessible. The minimum requirement is that all images have alt text (or alternative text), which is a piece of code that provides … Continue reading Accessible Images in Microsoft Office

Accessible Links in Microsoft Office

What are accessible links? Links in documents can be made accessible by: Not Using “Click Here” or “Click for” – This confuses students who utilize a screen reader or are visually impaired. The best practice is instead to do something like, “Please see the following link for more information about WebAIM’s Platform on Accessibility”. Make … Continue reading Accessible Links in Microsoft Office

Accessible Tables in Word/PowerPoint

How to make Tables Accessible? Making tables accessible requires a couple things: Keep it simple! Complex tables are a pain to make accessible, so if your table is starting to look like a table inside a table, consider making it into smaller separate tables. Tables are for data, not layout! Tables should only be for … Continue reading Accessible Tables in Word/PowerPoint

Structuring Your PowerPoint

Slide Layouts Structure in PowerPoint is essential, therefore it is recommended to when possible use the premade layouts built-in PowerPoint. For one this method is simpler then creating your own layouts, secondly, these layouts will assist you in Reading Order. To access the built-in slide layouts feature, simply go to Insert, and select New Slide. A variety … Continue reading Structuring Your PowerPoint