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PowerPoint Accessibility Overview

General Accessibility Concepts Creating accessible PowerPoint files follows many of the same principles as techniques as creating accessible Word or Excel files: Descriptive Hyperlinks Adding ALT Text to Images/Charts Creating Accessible Tables Not using color alone to convey meaning or emphasis Structure Use the built-in Accessibility Checker PowerPoint Specific Concepts Due to PowerPoint being unique … Continue reading PowerPoint Accessibility Overview

Accessible Tables in Word/PowerPoint

How to make Tables Accessible? Making tables accessible requires a couple things: Keep it simple! Complex tables are a pain to make accessible, so if your table is starting to look like a table inside a table, consider making it into smaller separate tables. Tables are for data, not layout! Tables should only be for … Continue reading Accessible Tables in Word/PowerPoint

Structuring Your PowerPoint

Slide Layouts Structure in PowerPoint is essential, therefore it is recommended to when possible use the premade layouts built-in PowerPoint. For one this method is simpler then creating your own layouts, secondly, these layouts will assist you in Reading Order. To access the built-in slide layouts feature, simply go to Insert, and select New Slide. A variety … Continue reading Structuring Your PowerPoint