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D2L Course Image Standards

Background The Course Image appears at the top of each Course Home page and in the corresponding course tile on the My Home page.  D2L automatically supplies each course with an image from their library.  Most of the time, it will be a picture of nature or architecture. With this exposure, it’s important to use … Continue reading D2L Course Image Standards

Content Tools

A diverse group of items can be added to the Content tool.  The play list below will walk you through many of these options.  Please note- some topics covered by D2L in the video tutorials are not recommended at PPCC.  These include using the Course Overview, Uploading Video, and Uploading Audio. Others, such as Brightspace … Continue reading Content Tools

Grading in D2L

We suggest that you always go to the Quizzes or Assessments tab (depending on what you’re grading) even though you can start this process in the Grades tab as well.  It’s easier! Next, click the down arrow (AKA the caret) next to the Quiz or Assessment you’re wanting to grade, and select EDIT from the … Continue reading Grading in D2L

Release Calculated Grade

Often times, when looking in the Grades tool, you will see an eye with a slash through it next to the Calculated Grade.  This means the student is not seeing this score.  The video below goes through how to Release the Calculated Grade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=74&v=7bwYRLescJo&feature=emb_logo

Create a Grade Item

In D2L a grade column is called a Grade Item.  This allows you to put scores into the Grades tool either manually or by linking it to another D2L tool. https://youtu.be/RfupITmDqCA

Create a New Quiz with New Questions

Creating new quizzes from scratch in D2L is a very labor-intensive activity.  We recommend using publisher testbanks if you plan to have very many Quizzes within D2L.  However, for shorter, and one-off quizzes, here’s how to create them: https://youtu.be/1uRfLrZdEzc

Link Turnitin to Assignment Submission Folders

Turnitin (TII) and GradeMark are wonderful tools available to instructors.  In order do use these tools, a D2L Assignment folder must have the TII integration turned on. (NOTE : Students may not submit directly to TII, but rather must submit to a folder with TII enabled.) A key part of the video that is often … Continue reading Link Turnitin to Assignment Submission Folders

Create an Assignment Submission Folder

The Assignment (formerly called Dropbox) tool allows you to create folders where students can submit files for grading.  Students can add comments to a submission, but they cannot comment without also submitting a file.  While the video below creates a group submission folder, we encourage most classes to only add individual submission folders. https://youtu.be/hSqzee8_VtU

Add a New Discussion Forum and Topic

The Discussions tool in D2L has a hierarchy.  This goes from Forums to Topics to Threads to Replies.  Forums are the categories while Topics are the areas where students and instructors can interact with each other.  Threads and Replies are the actual posts by students and instructors.  Since Forums and Topics are often built at … Continue reading Add a New Discussion Forum and Topic

Add a Module

In order to add materials to Content, we must first create a module.  A module is like a unit, chapter or other division of Content materials.  Modules will appear in the Content Browser on the Course Home page as well, so they are very helpful in guiding students to materials you want them to access. … Continue reading Add a Module