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The Zoom/D2L integration helps instructors create Zoom meetings and injects them into the D2L class Calendar.  The Zoom integration works very differently with different options to the WebEx/Zoom integration.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, click on ‘Zoom’ in the navigation, right before Course Admin:

(Please note, only Instructors have access to this link.  Students cannot create meetings.)

Zoom in course navigation

A launch window will appear.  Depending on your popup settings, you may need to select the “click here” link to open the Zoom meeting window.

Redirected to Zoom... click here link

Once in the meeting window, you can click on “Schedule a Meeting” to open a form to create the meeting:

Zoom meeting settings

Once you’ve filled out the form, click Save.  This will schedule the meeting and take you to the Zoom page with the link to the meeting or the registration link, if you chose that option.

Zoom meeting configured screen

If you see this screen, the meeting has been created and populated both into your Zoom Meetings list along with the D2L Calendar for this course.  Note the link to invite students to the meeting or to register.  This link can be copy/pasted into D2L announcements and/or email if you’d like to share in more than one place.

Please note, that while accessing via D2L, you will have access to all meetings, not just those created through D2L.  However, if you login directly to Zoom, you will not be able to link those meetings into D2L.

Once the meeting is scheduled, you will see it appear in the D2L calendar in the lower right of the Course Home page:

D2L calendar widget with Zoom meeting scheduled

Starting a Meeting

To start a meeting, click on the meeting in the calendar.  This will open the calendar meeting to reveal a link to join the Zoom meeting.  Both students and instructors can click on this link to automatically join the meeting.

D2L Calendar event with link to join the Zoom meeting

Instructors can also join the meeting by logging in directly through Zoom directly.

Both Students and Instructors can also login through a link and password retrieved from the Zoom page and sent via either email or the D2L Announcement tool..


  • The Zoom link in navigation will appear for all courses, even in the Instructor chooses not to use the tool. Students will never see the Zoom link in Navigation.
  • Recordings are not shared automatically between D2L and the Zoom tool.  Instructors will need to copy/paste any recording links manually.
  • There is no Office Hour feature to the Zoom/D2L integration, like there is with WebEx.


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