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Zoom in MyCourses for PPSC

Zoom can be accessed via MyCourses but is no longer integrated into MyCourses for PPSC.  This is due to limitations that do not allow multiple licenses to be run on the same platform.  This is okay.  It just means you have a few extra steps to easily use Zoom in your course. A plan is in place to hopefully add the full integration in the future.

Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting, click on More Tools on the course navigation bar.  Scroll down the menu and select Zoom (PPCC) at the bottom of the list.  This will take you to the online webpage for the PPSC instance of Zoom.

To schedule meetings such as classes, select Sign in.  You may have to login if you aren’t already logged in.

Once in the Meetings window, you can click on “Schedule a Meeting” to open a form to create the meeting:

Once you’ve filled out the form, click Save.

This will schedule the meeting and take you to the Zoom page with the link to the meeting or the registration link, if you chose that option.

If you see this screen, the meeting has been created and populated into your Zoom Meetings list.   Note the link to invite students to the meeting.  This link can be copy/pasted into MyCourses announcements and/or Internal Messages or email if you’d like to share in more than one place.

Once the meeting is scheduled, you will need to add it to your MyCourses course calendar so you and students can see it.  To do this, navigate back to your Course Home page.  Select More Tools from the navigation bar and then select Calendar.  Navigate to the appropriate day and click the Create Event button.  This will open up a window where you can enter the Event Title, a description, and set the time.  We recommend you put the Zoom meeting link in the description.

Note that if this is a regularly occurring event you do have the option to set this as recurring in both the MyCourses calendar and on the Zoom meeting when you set it up.   Make sure you do this for both as the same description (i.e. link) will appear in these recurring events.

Starting a Meeting

To start a meeting, click on the meeting in the Calendar.  This will open the calendar meeting to reveal the link to join the Zoom for the meeting you created.  Both students and instructors can click on this link to join the meeting.

Instructors can also join the meeting by logging in through Zoom directly where they set up the meeting.

Both Students and Instructors can also login through a link and password retrieved from the Zoom page and sent via the announcement, or Internal Messages tools, or via email.


  • The Zoom link in navigation will appear for all courses, even if the instructor chooses not to use the tool. Students will also see the tool on the More Tools menu though they cannot access the instructor’s Zoom account.
  • Recordings are not shared between D2L and the Zoom tool.  Instructors will need to copy/paste any recording links manually. For accessibility, it is highly recommended that Zoom recordings be uploaded to Yuja and captioned BEFORE they are shared with others.
  • There is no Office Hour feature to Zoom, like there is with WebEx.

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