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(Updated 3/30 to include adding audio)

WebEx is the system approved web meeting software.  It allows for groups to meet and talk in real time, share screens and see each other.  To use this tool, go to https://cccs-meetings.webex.com and click on the Sign In button in the upper right:

CCCS Webex page

Then, put in your ppcc.edu email address into the page below and click “Next”

"Enter your email address"

This will take you to the page where you put in your email/network username and password.  Directions can be found below to assist, but please remember to include the ccc before your S#.  Click Sign in.

From there, you’ll be logged into WebEx.  I encourage you to use your Personal Room.  It will avoid the need for things like meeting numbers and passwords.  Simply share your Personal Room link with students and have them click on it.  You can then click the green Start Meeting button when you are ready:

Nate's Personal Room link and Start Meeting button

From here you will be asked whether you want to turn on video. Audio is required though.  So, click on the menu at the bottom:

WebEx menu under "Call Me"

This will give you several options to join the audio.  We recommend using Computer Audio when possible.  But if folks are having audio issues, the Call Me feature is nice as well.

WebEx selecting audio interface

Once the audio is selected, the green button will appear.  Click on it:

WebEx Start Meeting button turns green

This will start the meeting.  From there, the screen will start and look like this:

WebEx Meeting Screen

From here, you are on the meeting and can control what you want in the meeting.  The links at the bottom, from left to right are:

  • Mute (for your microphone in case of background noise)
  • Camera (on/off)
  • Share (if you want to share a screen or application)
  • Record (to record the meeting.  If you post recording to the class, it should be captioned.)
  • Participants (see a list of who has joined your meeting)
  • Chat (text communication between users in the meeting)
  • (More) Additional features
  • Leave meeting (Note: if you leave your Personal Room, it closes the meeting for all users.)

I encourage you to do a practice meeting with a couple of users well in advance of the meeting.  The practice will also help you feel more comfortable presenting content.

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