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How do I access MyCourses?

Video introduction to MyCourses

Have feedback on MyCourses? Have any issues you need support with?

Use this form to report the issue/give feedback, and someone will be in touch soon.

Internal Messaging

At PPCC we have not used the D2L Internal Messaging system for the past few years, but in MyCourses, it will be turned on. This means that students will be trying to contact you through the internal messaging system, and it is your responsibility to monitor this communication. See this video for training and information on the internal messaging system.

What is expected from faculty and staff?

  • Login and verify you land on our PPCC landing page. You should see our college logo upon log-in to MyCourses.
  • Locate and verify you can access your course(s).
    • Migrated Courses: Don’t worry if you don’t see courses that you requested to migrate. Not all courses have been migrated yet and there’s an opportunity to migrate them. If you have not yet requested migration, please contact
      • If you do see your courses, check the course material inside. Any material that was in the course when you requested the migration should be there. If it is not, please contact eLearning. Also, as a reminder, any changes made to these courses after migration was requested will not be in the new courses, and you will need to make those changes manually in the new MyCourses.
    • Fall 2022 Courses: Once you have been assigned to Fall 2022 courses, they will appear in MyCourses, and you can start preparing for the Fall 2022 semester.
      • Copy content from your existing starter shell into a shell
      • Edit dates
      • Create/edit content as needed
      • Create/edit new learning activities such as assignments, quizzes, discussions as needed
      • Add integrations or external learning tools for courses that utilize those resources.
      • Anything else that you do as part of your “semester get ready routine”.
  • Edit your My Courses Profile, Notifications and Account Settings Options
    • Since we are in a new version of D2L, your Profile, Notifications, and Account Settings are set to default and will need to be reset for your preferences.
    • For more details, please go to this page
  • Update the Instructor Information widget on your course homepages for your Fall 2022 courses
    • On the course homepage, locate the Instructor Information widget, click the button with three dots and select the option edit.
  • Get familiar with the new Welcome widget pop-up experience for your Fall 2022 courses.
    • The Welcome widget’s pop-up window provides instructions on how to update.  The pop-up window will display upon first time accessing the course.

If you are a PPCC instructor, but your MyCourses home page shows another college:

Please email and inform them that your home college is not showing correctly. They will get the issue resolved.

Course Homepage, Navbars

There are some changes with MyCourses.  The first change is the Common Course Framework (CCF) that was approved by the CO @ Project Team.  The CCF is a new standard for the course shell navigation, naming conventions for the modules, and course homepage layout.  Please see the report attached for visuals of what this will look like or the FAQs for Single D2L Instance Project. This new standard will be applied to all classes in MyCourses. Again, the goal is consistency for students, and this common framework standard will help to ensure that consistency.

While the Common D2L Framework has been applied to all classes in the new MyCourses instance, please expect some minor changes between now and the Go-Live Fall 2022 date. Some of the newly required changes are not yet available, and will be applied as they become available.

Instructors will not have the ability to make changes to homepages or Navbars, as the Common Framework is required for all courses across the entire CCC system. HOWEVER, instructors will still be able to apply different homepages in order that the LTI publisher widget used for that class is the one that appears (ie – Pearson, McGraw Hill, or MacMillan). This approach is similar to what we’ve been doing in the old (current) instance. These homepages are NOT YET available, but will be soon.

If you’d like to give feedback on the Common D2L Framework, you can do so here.

How to work with the Welcome Widget:

The Instructor Profile widget:

Will my digital integrations be available in MyCourses?

Digital integrations play an important role for providing course content and eTextbooks.  Examples of digital integrations are the Pearson MyLab Reading, Yuja Video Capturing and McGraw Hill.  The good news is a majority of the digital integrations are ready to be used.   Although, there are still a few left to be implemented.  Here’s the list of missing integrations and when it will be available:

  • Respondus Lockdown Browser – Available in a couple of months.
  • Yuja Media Chooser (for content links) – Available In-between Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 semester.
  • McGraw Aleks – Available in-between Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 semester
  • Science Interactive (HOL Cloud) – Available by the end of April 2022
  • Zoom Integration – Available by end of April or beginning of May 2022
  • WebWork – Available by end of April 2022

Why is it taking a long time to copy course content between course shells?

Due to heavy usage by the entire system with importing course materials, it can take much longer than normal (30 minutes is not unusual).  Please be patient, and the import process will eventually complete.

General MyCourses information

The goal in making this move is to provide a better and more consistent student experience. When a student logs into MyCourses, all their registered courses across all colleges are available.  With the increase in online classes over the past few years (which may be taught at any of the various colleges), this approach will be ideal.  Instructors teaching at multiple colleges benefit as well. All their courses are listed in MyCourses.

All CCCS colleges will have access to ReadSpaekaer and Yuja Video Creator in MyCourses.

  • ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool embedded within many D2L tools such as content, assignments, discussions and quizzes. ReadSpeaker contributes to the accessibility and universal design requirements for each college. For more details, please go to this page.
  • Yuja Video Creator, allows for students and faculty/instructors to create, edit and add directly in D2L. For more details, please go to this page.
  • Additional D2L widgets have been added to the course homepages.  The Welcome and Instruction Information widgets will need to be updated.  Learn more about the widgets by reviewing the attached recommendation document.

Questions? Problems? Concerns?

Reach out to eLearning at

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