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The My Home page is the first page you will see when logging into D2L.  It has three parts: Organization Level Navigation, My Home Navigation and My Home widgets.

Organization Level Navigation

Organizational Level Navigation which appears at the top of most D2L pages.

Across the top of the My Home page, you will find the Organization-level navigation bar. This bar is available on almost every page within D2L. Clicking on the icon of the house will always return you to the My Home page, as will clicking on the logo for PPCC Online Campus. As you look to the right, you will see the Course Selector, often referred to as the “waffle”. This tool is described below . To the right of the Course Selector are three icons. These will allow assess to Send Email (the envelope), to subscription alerts (the talk bubble) and to other system notifications (the bell). When there are new items or alerts in these areas, they will display an orange dot.  Next to these and furthest right on the page is the user menu. Within this menu you will find options to set your personal preferences (including adding a picture) and to log out of the system.

Course Selector (the “waffle”)

Course Selector menu showing courses and place to pin

In the top navigation bar, you will see a square of nine smaller squares. This is the course selector. When you click on this icon, the dropdown menu will show currently available courses in which you are enrolled. This list will not display courses that are past their end date nor courses that have not started yet. Clicking on any course name will take you into that course. Pinning courses will cause those courses to display on the My Courses widget and to be listed first on the Course Selector.

My Home Navigation

The My Home navigation is dependent on the role of the person accessing it.  Only instructors will see Faculty Resources, while both instructors and students will see the Student Resources.

My Home Navigation with Faculty Resources expanded

The navigation is:

My Home Widgets

My Home page with navigation and widgets showing

Widgets are the squares that make up most of the homepage.  The widgets are (in order of appearance on mobile devices):

My Courses

Tiles to courses active or pinned. View All Courses link at the bottom to access searchable list of all courses.


College-wide announcements from the eLearning Office.

Office 365 (Students Only)

Access to Email, Office 365 Calendar and OneDrive

My Course Evaluations

Links to course evaluations for individual sections

Reports of Course Evaluation

Reports of others’ course evaluations. (Supervisors only)


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