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One of the most common questions we get is why can’t my students see their Final Grade?  At this point, I could go into differing cultures and the design of D2L, but let me save you this and tell you, unless you release your Final Grade in every section, students won’t see them.

How can you tell if the students see them?  Look for the eye next to the Final Grade:Grades Released

If there’s no eye next to your students Final Grade, they can’t see them.  So, to release them, click on the dropdown next to the Final Grade you wish to release and then “Grade All”. On this page, click on the box to select all and the click Release/Unrelease.  This will check the boxes of all students’ Final Grades:

Release/Unrelease All

Be sure to Save.  Once done, the students will now all be able to see their grades:

Release/Unrelease All

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