Grading a discussion submission using a rubric

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Complete the following steps to grade Discussion submissions using an attached D2L Rubric.

  • Go to the Discussion tool on the Navigation bar. Scroll to the discussion you want to grade and click the arrow next to the title to expand your dropdown menu.  Select Assess Topic.
  • Select Topic Score or Discussion post under the student name (both are blue hyperlinks).
  • In the Evaluation pane on the right, you may do either of the following:
    • Grade with sliders:
      • Click the Rubric Icon to complete the rubric and assess the student’s submission by dragging or clicking the slides on the rubric with the right pane.


    • Grade in a pop out window:
      • Click on the “pop out” icon, and in the new floating Assess Rubric window, click the appropriate radio button criteria to score the submission. Then click close.


  • In the Evaluation pane, verify the score has transferred correctly from the rubric to the Score box.  Input additional comments in the Feedback box, click Publish to record the feedback and score in the Grades tool.  Clicking Save Draft will allow you to come back and Publish the student’s score and feedback at a later date [No change].
  • Note – you may alternatively use the traditional tool only by assessing discussion via the Grade Book.