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A small number of instructors who teach at other CCCS colleges may have non-PPCC email addresses embedded within D2L.  This is a weakness on how CCCS-IT built the tool between Banner and D2L.  It will load your payroll email address into D2L.  However, there is a way to redirect your D2L email back to PPCC.

Start by going to your non-PPCC email address.  The screenshots are from my CCCOnline (CCCS) email address.  Note, I have an email from Marc with PPCC in the subject line.  This is added by default when a user sends an email is sent by D2L:

Email from D2L to CCCS account

We will use that “PPCC ” in the subject line to create a rule.  Outlook will send any email that contains “PPCC ” back to our email address.  That way all of our PPCC email ends up in the right account.  To start, right-click on the email and then go to “Create Rule…”:

Create Rule Menu

A pop-up window will appear.  We want to edit the subject. Make sure the check box is selected and click on the subject line you want to customize:

Pop-Up window with rule configuration

Type “PPCC ” into the text box and the green “+” button to add it to the field:

Adding PPCC to the subject filter

Then, remove the full subject line of the email we selected. (Note: you can pick any subject line you wish.  However, the process displayed here will filter all email with the PPCC coming from D2L to the address.)

Remove the long subject line

Click OK to save.

Pop-Up menu with OK

Now that we have what we want to filter in place, it’s time to put in the forwarding part.

Redirect the Message to...

Either type or search for your ppcc email address and click OK:

Search for email address

Click Save in the pop-up window to save the rule.  (You may get a warning message about rules on the server, say OK to that as well.)

Click OK to save the rule

So, now logging into PPCC email, you’ll notice Marc has emailed me again from D2L.  This time though, it’s not only in my CCCS account, it has been automatically redirected to my PPCC account.  I can open, read and reply to the message directly from PPCC email.

PPCC Email after redirection

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