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This Knowledge Base article will show you how to convert any exams/test/quizzes that you have in Word documents, into D2L Quizzes that students can take online through PPCC Online (D2L)

Outline of the Process

Algonquin College has created an online tool that can help you convert your Word Tests into D2L Quizzes.

Here is the general process:

  1. Go to the online tool.
  2. Type a name for the Quiz/Test in the tool. (Optional)
  3. Copy your questions from the Word document and paste them into the tool.
  4. Make sure your questions are in the correct format for the tool to work.
  5. Click on ‘Generate Questions’ to check for any errors.
  6. Fix any errors that pop up, and click on ‘Generate Questions’ when fixed.
  7. When you have no more errors, click on ‘Download Test Questions for Brightspace’.
  8. Create and setup a Quiz in your course in D2L that you can upload the questions into.
  9. Upload the .csv file into the blank D2L Quiz.

Using the Word to D2L Quiz Converter

  1. First, access the online tool.
  2. You will see a screen similar to the screenshot below:

    Screenshot of the online D2L Quiz Converter Tool
    The D2L Quiz Converter Tool has an area that allows you to paste in your questions from your Word Test Banks, and then generate a file that can be imported into a D2L Quiz.
  3. To use the tool, you will need to copy questions from your Word file and paste them into the work area as shown below:

    Screenshot showing the area to paste/input questions to be converted.
    Questions can be pasted or typed into the tool, and must follow a special format based on the type of question.
  4. The tool supports the following question types:
    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Multiple Answer
    3. True or False
    4. Essay/Written Response
    5. Fill in the Blank
    6. Matching
    7. Ordering
  5. Each question will need to be formatted in a special format for the tool to function correctly. Generally that means that:
    1. Each question should have the first line include a number followed by a period and then the text of the question. (I.E. – 1. Question Text )
    2. The question will then be followed by each choice on a separate line, such as: A. Choice 1
    3. Correct answers will have an asterix * before the choice: *A. Correct Answer
    4. Remove any unnecessary spaces or line breaks.
    5. Make sure to check out the formatting guide on how to make sure questions are formatted correctly.
    6. You can use the Question Type Samples to help you see examples of types of questions and how they are formatted.

      The Question Type Samples Dropdown
      The Question Type Samples dropdown will create an example of every supported question type.
  6. Once you have all your questions pasted and formatted correctly into the tool, click on Generate Test Questions to check for errors.
    Generate Test Questions Button
  7. You will see the status of your test generation at the top. In the example I created, I see an error message:
    Error message stating that test generation has failed
  8. The message states that I need to go down and see which questions are marked in a red box. When I hover my mouse over them, it will tell me what is wrong.
    Screenshot showing an incorrectly formatted question. The question is missing an asterix in front of a correct choice, is what the error states.
  9. In this example, because I did not format it correctly as an Order Question Type, it is checking the question as a Multiple Choice Question which requires an asterix in front of the correct answer. I fix the error by typing the text ‘order’, in front of the question text.
    Same question with order typed before the question text.
  10. Once you fix any errors, click on ‘Generate Test Questions’ and you should see a success message.
    Test Generation Successful Message
  11. You can now download a .csv (Comma Separated Value file), which can be uploaded into a D2L Quiz or D2L’s Question Library in your course.
    Download Test Questions Button

Importing Test Questions in D2L

Before you can import your .csv (Test Questions file) in D2L, you will need to create a blank quiz in D2L.

We have created an article that shows you ‘How to Create a Quiz in D2L’ for reference.

Once you have created a blank quiz in D2L, follow the Guide on How To Upload Your Test Questions File into a Quiz in D2L.

With the questions uploaded to your Quiz in D2L, you are all done!


Algonquin does provide the following instruction guides for reference:

Don’t forget to check out the D2L Basics Course in D2L to assist you with other basic D2L tasks and questions.