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The Course Image appears at the top of each Course Home page and in the corresponding course tile on the My Home page.  D2L automatically supplies each course with an image from their library.  Most of the time, it will be a picture of nature or architecture.

With this exposure, it’s important to use an image that reflects well upon PPCC. Some colleges around the country who have implemented Daylight see this as a too much of a risk to allow instructors to select their own images. However, PPCC eLearning believes given flexibility, PPCC instructors will pick the best images for our community.  To assist faculty in selecting images, PPCC has created this Course Image Standard.  Faculty are always welcome to leave the default image D2L supplies.


Technical Standards

  • PPCC instructors can select images from the D2L library or upload their own images.
  • All standard image file types are supported.
  • D2L recommend course images be 2400 x 960 pixels This ensures they can be resized to look great in different contexts and on different devices.


Content Standards

  • D2L recommends images don’t contain text. The title of the course is often overlaid on top of the image and any text in the image can cause confusion.
  • Image should reflect the course, content or community of PPCC.
  • Image should not promote any political or religious position. (A religious symbol may be appropriate for a Religions course, but not for say, Biology or Math.)
  • Image should not discriminate or harass on the basis of sex/gender, race. color, age, creed, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, veteran status, pregnancy status, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Instructor must have copyright and legal permission to use the image.


Example Cases

Good Examples

  • Image of PPCC campus or classroom
  • Image of Garden of the Gods in a Geology class.
  • Image of a test tube in a Chemistry course.
  • Image of the Colorado State Capital in a Political Science class.

Bad Examples

  • Image of children under the age of 13 without parent(s) permission
  • Image of instructor’s family (Can be added to Instructor Profile)
  • Image of a political candidate currently running for office
  • Image of textbook with title in plain view.

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