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The process of creating a quiz has been altered from previous versions of D2L.  The logic, though, is very much the same.  We start by going to Quizzes and clicking on the New Quiz button:

Screenshot showing manage quizzes area in D2L

There are 5 tabs.  We will take a look at each as an overview here.  The first tab is where you name the quiz and later will add questions:

Quiz Properties tab

The Restriction tab is how you want to restrict the quiz:

Quiz and Dates Restrictions

Under Dates and Restrictions, you have several ways to restrict who takes the quiz and when.  The Status dropdown defaults to Inactive.  This means no students can take the quiz.  I recommend you leave this until you are done writing the quiz.  Next are Start and End Date.  NOTE: The End Date is the last date/time they can open the quiz.  They will still be allowed to finish the Quiz according to the Time Limit beyond the End Date.  Finally Release Conditions can require students to meet conditions before starting the exam.  I really discourage you from doing these unless you first consult with a Course Designer.

The second part of the Restrictions tab focuses on Timing of the Quiz:

Timing and Special Access areas of Quizzes, Restrictions tab

Let’s look at each of the fields under Timing:

If you choose “No Time Limit”, then students will be able to leave the test and come back.  If you choose “Enforce a time limit”, when that time limit expires, students will no longer be able to access the quiz.

  • Time Limit: Amount of time for the quiz, in minutes.
  • Grace Period: The amount of time before you mark the quiz as “Late”

Late Behaviour (sic)

  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working: The quiz will be marked as late, but the grade will be recorded as if they turned it in on time.
  • : The quiz will not accept new answers to be saved.  Student will be given the option to submit.
  • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working. Quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the specified limit: The quiz will accept new answers, but they will not count toward the student’s grade.

Note: The quiz will only be sent to the Grades tool if you have checked the Automatic Grade and Auto Export to Grades options on the Assessment tab.

Personally, I recommend the following settings:

  • Time Limit: <Varies by Quiz>
  • Grace Period: 1 minute (the “oh, crud” minute after the time limit expires)
  • “Quiz is flagged as late, and student is prevented from making further changes”

Special Access- This is where you can give your OASIS students extra time on a quiz.  Click “Add Users to Special Access”, pick the name(s) of the student(s) and change their settings.

The next tab is the Assessment tab where we will be looking at how you want the quiz graded:

Quiz Assessment tab

The first dropdown links the quiz to the Grades area.  Allowing automatic export to grades will allow graded quizzes to go to grades without the instructor having to step into the process.  Automatic Grade is what you want D2L to do if there are no essay questions.  If I can get away with checking both, I recommend it.  Finally, Attempts and Overall Grade Calculation is for quizzes which allow multiple attempts and which should count.

The last tab we will look at is the Submission View tab:

Quiz Submission View tab

This is how you can determine if students see the questions/answers/grade for each question.  By default, the Default View is shown upon completing the quiz.  Click here and you will have settings to show what you’d like.

The Reports Setup is for statistics for your Quiz.  If you are interested, please contact us in eLearning to help with this tab.

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