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To copy course components (materials) from one section to another, you must be enrolled as an instructor in both sections.  If you are not enrolled as an instructor in one of the sections, eLearning will need to do the copy for you.  To request a course copy, please go to our Forms Page.

To copy materials from one section to another, start by going to the destination course and click on the Course Admin link in the course navigation:

Course Admin

Then, select the longest link in all of D2L- Import/Export/Copy Components:

Import/Export/Copy Components link in the Course Administration page

Next we will click the button to “Search for offering”. (Note- the other two options are for importing a template or package from a publisher.  Please work with eLearning if you think you need to use either of these tools.)

Search for Offering button

The next part is a little tricky.  Be sure to follow the formatting when selecting a Course Offering:

Select Course Offering menu
1. Type the course number in following the format ‘MAT1211n2 FA17’. (CRNs do not work.)
2. Click on the magnifying glass to search.
3. Select the radio button of the course you wish to copy from.
4. Click Add Selected.

At this point, you can either “Copy All Components” or “Select Components”.  We recommend if you aren’t sure to copy everything.  It’s easier to delete extra stuff than to come back and figure out what’s missing.

NOTE: Copies will not override current materials. Copying a second time will result in duplicate items.

Once you have started the copying, an in-progress message will appear:

Copy Course Components in progress

And once done, you’ll get a completed message.  Once you see this, we recommend you go into the course to verify that items indeed have been copied:

Copy Course Components complete message

If you want to see the log of what copied and when, you can click on the green checkmark.

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