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Starting in the FA19 semester, the High Impact Practices (HIPs) rubric will be shared to all classes.  This rubric can then be attached to Assignment folders, but should not be used for grading.  Below are directions to connect the rubric to the Assignment folder without linking it to Grades.

First, create an Assignment folder or edit and existing Assignment folder.  Then, on the Properties tab, scroll down to the “Rubrics” area:

Rubrics area of the Properties tab of an Assignment folder

Click on Add Rubric to add rubric(s) to your assignment. Then, select the HIPs rubric along with the scoring rubric you created for this assignment.  Finally click Add Selected:

Adding multiple rubrics to one Assignment folder.

Next under “Default Scoring Rubric”, click the drop down menu to select the rubric whose score you want to go into Grades.  In this example, it’s not the HIPs rubric, but rather the Rhetorical Analysis Rubric:

Selecting the Default Scoring Rubric

That’s it.  Now you have two rubrics connected to the Assignment.  When it’s time to grade, you’ll fill out both rubrics, but only the non-HIPs one will populate scores into the Grades area.

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