eLCC – Day 2/3

Updating Courses When does the process of updating courses begin?  A perspective I hadn't considered is, it should begin with data collection during course delivery.  It makes sense, but it's sometimes hard.  As you are teaching, collect information about where the students are struggling, when they are bored and areas where you'd like to see … Continue reading eLCC – Day 2/3

eLCC- Day 1

This week, I'm at the eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) conference in Breckenridge.  After sitting through a day's group of sessions, I thought I'd give you a few quick thoughts on topics brought up here. "Convincing Faculty" We had a session where we broke into groups.  One of the topics was how to convince faculty … Continue reading eLCC- Day 1

Content Tools

A diverse group of items can be added to the Content tool.  The play list below will walk you through many of these options.  Please note- some topics covered by D2L in the video tutorials are not recommended at PPCC.  These include using the Course Overview, Uploading Video, and Uploading Audio. Others, such as Brightspace … Continue reading Content Tools

Enter Grades

There are many ways to put scores for students into D2L.  This video covers the different ways you can put scores directly into the Grades tool.  (Note: you can also put scores into other tools, such as Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes if they are linked to a Grade Item.) https://youtu.be/7e8sExeZjSk

Release Calculated Grade

Often times, when looking in the Grades tool, you will see an eye with a slash through it next to the Calculated Grade.  This means the student is not seeing this score.  The video below goes through how to Release the Calculated Grade. https://youtu.be/Andu7cNC8QE

Create a Grade Item

In D2L a grade column is called a Grade Item.  This allows you to put scores into the Grades tool either manually or by linking it to another D2L tool. https://youtu.be/RfupITmDqCA

Create a New Quiz with New Questions

Creating new quizzes from scratch in D2L is a very labor-intensive activity.  We recommend using publisher testbanks if you plan to have very many Quizzes within D2L.  However, for shorter, and one-off quizzes, here's how to create them: https://youtu.be/1uRfLrZdEzc