Bug Reported for Publishing Feedback for Assignment Submissions

There is a bug in D2L concerning publishing feedback in Assignment folders. The bug is that, when you click publish, you get a popup asking if you want to save changes. If you click Save, it will actually put the feedback in Draft status. To fix this bug, simply click on Don't Save, after publishing feedback. This bug … Continue reading Bug Reported for Publishing Feedback for Assignment Submissions

How to Print a Quiz in D2L

Introduction You may be wondering, "why would I want to print a quiz in D2L?". Well, you may want to print a quiz to assist ACCESSibility Services in making an accommodation, or to provide it to your students in the classroom. What You Need To print a quiz in D2L you can either do so … Continue reading How to Print a Quiz in D2L

How to Caption Videos

Base Guidelines to Captioning As discussed earlier, captioning is the process of converting audio content into a text format that is displayed on the screen of a video while it is playing. Captions need to be: Synchronized - Meaning the text appears at approximately the same time as the audio content it corresponds to. Equivalent … Continue reading How to Caption Videos

Video Accessibility: Captions

What are Captions? Captions are an integral part of video accessibility and need to have the following criteria: Synchronized - the text content should appear at approximately the same time that audio would be available Equivalent - content provided in captions should be equivalent to that of the spoken word Accessible - caption content should be readily accessible … Continue reading Video Accessibility: Captions

Excel Accessibility

Basic Principles The following is a list of some basic principles of creating accessible Excel files: Do not use color alone to convey meaning and make sure all font/graphics have proper contrast. Perform a spellcheck. Provide descriptive titles for your tables and worksheets. Mark row and column headers for your tables. Avoid using blank cells, … Continue reading Excel Accessibility