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After starting this blog back in 2009, this might be the most challenging post I’ve ever written. After a year dealing with challenges relating to my health, I’ve accepted a position as a Computer Networking/Cyber Security Faculty here at PPCC. My last official day in eLearning is August 22nd, though I will be taking some time off this summer to catch up with family and take my daughters to college. In the time remaining, I’ll be working with the team to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

2020 was a year of high stress and it took its toll on me and I needed to change. It is time to realign my priorities and follow my passions; faith, family and teaching. I’m proud of the work we’ve done in Distance Ed/eLearning the last dozen years. However, the day-to-day of dealing with the high-stress work needed to be a good LMS Administrator is too much for me right now. I was looking for a change when the Networking/Cyber position opened in January, so I applied. From there, everything fell into place. I truly believe that’s no accident.

So, while you will still be hearing from me over the next few months about D2L, you will also start seeing more of other folks in the office as we transition. Please be as patient with them as you’ve been with me.


8 thoughts on “Moving to Faculty

  1. Felicidades, Nate! Glad you will join the full-time faculty ranks, and glad you will still be nearby.

  2. I can’t believe your daughters are already off to college. While I’ll miss your help with all things LMS and eLearning, I’m happy to know that more students will benefit from your excellent instruction each semester. Welcome to the faculty side of PPCC!

  3. Congratulations, Nate! So good to hear that good-bye does not mean you are gone – best wishes!!

  4. Welcome back to faculty, Nate. Your return is a really cool thing for faculty and students. Nate, you’ve been perfect in your service to the college with your current role. Thank you for being so skillful, so approachable, so beyond-the-required helpful. You are amazing.

  5. I have always enjoyed your workshops. A faculty role is a great use of your talents! We will miss your reasonable approach to D2L though.

  6. Welcome back to Faculty Nate! I’m happy for you and your family! Hopefully, this will allow more time for faith, family, and yourself! See you around brother!

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