D2L Archive (Formerly Purge) April 6

It’s that time again. Every April, we archive courses at least 13. months past the end date. For April 6, 2021, this means all courses in the SP19, SU19 and FA19 terms will be archived early in the morning. The data can still be accessed by eLearning, but only with a Dean or Associate Dean approval. This will ensure the materials and student data are retained. It will also help keep your list of classes from getting out of control.

Starting in May, we will purge/delete permanently courses older than 5 years in accordance with the new CCCS policy. We are working with the system now on the details, but look for email alerts in early April.

  • Phase 1 (Live): Courses can be accessed by instructors directly until they are 13 months or older in April
  • Phase 2 (Archived): Courses will only be accessible through eLearning with permission of the Dean/Associate Dean. They are available until they are 5 years or older in May.
  • Phase 3 (Purged): Courses will not be accessible through D2L.

Our main goal with archiving and purging is the protection of student data. If you have course materials you’d like to retain, you are welcome to request a Starter Shell from our Forms Page and copy them there for safe-keeping.

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