SP21 Release Dates

There’s been a lot of conversations lately about when D2L shells will open to faculty/instructors and when they will open for students. Well, we have the dates finalized with leadership and here they are:

  • Dec 14- Faculty/Instructor access begins
  • Jan 18- Student access begins for all courses scheduled to start on January 20th.

(All courses with a Start Date other than January 20th will open on the official start date.)

If you are a faculty/instructor who would like to start working on your SP21 materials earlier than December 14th, we encourage you to request a Starter Shell (aka Master Semester shell) and start working now. Then, you can copy into your live course on or after December 14th.

The students will be able to access the vast majority of courses on Monday, January 18th (MLK Day). This will allow them to see when a potential first remote session will be and make plans accordingly before class officially starting on Wednesday, January 20th. For faculty/instructors, this will give us a few extra days to get our shells ready than we had in FA20.

We have not yet decided how to handle SU21. Hopefully, this whole COVID thing will be past us and we can go back to “normal”. If not, I’ll post again here shortly after Spring Break.

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