RESOLVED: Dates… From the Future!

*******UPDATE 11/5/2020: This issue is now resolved.

Yes, it sounds like a bad movie or worse, the newest reality show. In truth, it’s a bug several clients, including PPCC, have been seeing within D2L for the past few weeks. I’ve seen this in Discussions and Classlist with dates. of November 20, 2020, December 12, 2020 and January 21, 2021.

Discussion post with date of December 12, 2020

D2L is claiming that no new instances should occur, but the existing ones have another issue. If the last date of access is displaying December 12th and the student logs in on October 23rd, the last access. date will remain as December 12th. That’s a significant problem, especially as we approach final grades and Last Day of Attendance (LDAs).

About the only positive thing is, the date is just a display date. This means if you have items such as Conditional Release, Quizzes, etc, this bug will not affect student access to the D2L tools.

We have a Priority 1 ticket with D2L to get this resolved and I’ll update here when we hear more.

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