D2L/WebEx Link Issues

The D2L/WebEx link is a little wonky. There have been a few issues over the last few days with it that I want to address here. Then, I’ll give some background if you really want to know why these tools don’t seem to like each other.

Issue #1: WebEx Wouldn’t Load in D2L

Around noon on September 2nd, several instructors contacted ITSS with this error who replicated the issue. They reached out to me and CCCS-IT to investigate. Cyrille sent out an email to all faculty, instructors and deans about the issue and the work around of logging into WebEx Directly.

By the time CCCS-IT were able to check it out, we could not replicate the issue. Testing both here and in Denver was successful, so I sent the RESOLVED email yesterday at 12:31pm. As of this writing, we have not seen another example of the loading issue. If you do run into this again, please email e.learning@ppcc.edu or call the Help Desk at 502.4800.

Issue #2: Recordings Not Syncing to D2L

D2L only gets the recording loaded if the course tag is attached when the meeting is started. I know that sounds techy, but the core issue is, to get the recordings to appear in the right section of D2L, you should click on the link in D2L to schedule and to start the meeting. This ensures WebEx will have the right information to send back to D2L. I have heard anecdotally that there are some other methods that work, but I know clicking on the link in D2L works. If it doesn’t for you, please email me directly with details (course, recording file name, date/time, etc.) and I’ll file a ticket with D2L for you.

This issue was exasperated by Issue #1 yesterday as instructors couldn’t click on the D2L link as it wasn’t loading.

Additional Comments

D2L and WebEx do not talk to each other well. About the only thing we can do is the logout of WebEx meetings and sign in again to push the connection. (See image below.) There aren’t any settings behind the scenes either. About all eLearning can do is the see the D2L configuration and all ITSS can do is see the WebEx configuration. Assuming nothing has changed, we contact D2L and WebEx with a ticket.

Log out of Webex Meetings link in D2L

Have a backup plan if the link goes down at a bad time. Be ready to log into WebEx directly at https://cccs-meetings.webex.com and copy the link into your D2L (https://ppcc.desire2learn.com) Announcements so your students can join that way.

Have questions or comments? Email e.Learning@ppcc.edu, call the Help Desk at 502.4800 or comment below.

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