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Welcome to PPCC Online (D2L)!

How to Login to the PPCC Online Campus (D2L)

The Online Campus here at Pikes Peak Community College uses D2L (Desire2Learn) and there are two ways for you to access it; through the Portal or directly to PPCC’s page. See both below.

Login through the PPCC Portal

Logging on from the PPCC Portal takes a few steps to accomplish your goal. First, go to and click on CURRENT STUDENTS.

Navigation of with first link of Current Students

Next click on PPCC Online Campus (D2L).

Current Students page with second icon of PPCC Online Campus (D2L)
Then login to access your classes.

Login directly to PPCC D2L Page

This is the easiest way to get to your online courses but it won’t have as many external options as logging into the portal.  The web address is


Need more help with navigating D2L?  Click on Discover on the D2L home page and look for a new self-enroll course named “D2L Basics for Students”! This course takes you through D2L so you can see how to do an online course without those pesky grades!

Tips to help make your semester a success:

  1. Check your online classes and email regularly!
  2. Keep a calendar with all your assignments, quizzes, and discussion posts due dates.
  3. In the Learning Commons request a tutor early so you are not trying to catch up later
Student in PPCC Learning Commons

Content Browser

One of the BEST tools added to D2L is the Content Browser. It allows you to see upcoming assignments, quizzes, & so much more.You can find the Content Browser at the right side of the screen listing all your upcoming assignments, quizzes, pages to read, and possibly your text book in certain classes. Many students use the Content Browser as the main part of their course instead of jumping from tab to tab.
Content Browser Diagram

Changing Grades or Due Dates

Even though eLearning has the capability to change almost anything in the Online Campus (D2L) we will not change grades or due dates without an email from the course instructor requesting to do so.  So if you need help with extending an assignment or have a grading issue please contact your instructor.

What’s the Waffle?

D2L calls it “Select a Course” but most people here at PPCC call it “The Waffle”. The Waffle is where you go to search for courses.

D2L navigation bar with the waffle (course selector) highlighted


Email for students can be accessed through the PPCC Portal. However, you can send an email from D2L but the link will not let you view your incoming email. You will need to visit the PPCC Portal to do that.  To reach the PPCC Portal go to and click login.

myPPCC navigation with the Student email link

Need Password Help?

Inside the Learning Commons is the ITSS Help Desk where you can receive help resetting passwords, printing, and tech help in-person.

24×7 Help Desk is available online at or by calling 1-888-800-9198

2020 Class Terminology

Four delivery models are approved for Fall courses. They are defined below. (as of 7/22/2020)

1.  “Traditional” Online

Students enrolled in an online course will have the same experience they would have had regardless of the pandemic.  Online usually does not include a synchronous experience.  The online tuition rate is charged, which is higher than regular tuition. 

2.  Remote Synchronous

Also referred to as Zoom Class or Real-Time Remote.  Traditional face-to-face classes (sometimes referred to as lecture) will not meet on campus but will meet Remote Synchronous for 25% of their contact time.  The regular tuition rate will be charged, not the more expensive online rate.

3.  Limited Face-to-Face (F2F)

Some programs may require F2F time, in addition to their Remote Synchronous experience.  Approved programs include many CTE programs, Science Labs, ESL, and some of the Arts.  The regular tuition rate will be charged.

4.  Hyflex

We will pilot a limited number of Hyflex sections of general education classes.  A Hyflex section will meet in the classroom at the time specified in Banner.  Students will participate F2F and remotely at the same time, as well as have an option to not attend live at all, but to watch a recording of the session later.  Hyflex sections have already been identified.  The regular tuition rate will be charged.

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