LockDown Browser is Here

We are in the second stage of testing Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) and Monitor. The tool limits students taking D2L quizzes to one browser and records them taking it.

Before implementing these tools though, please make sure you are aware of a few key elements:

Instructor Set Up

While I’m going to leave the full setup to the Knowledgebase article I want to mention here that it’s quite a bit more than a normal D2L Quiz setting. Also, please be prepared to do a sample quiz to help both the instructor and student get through any challenges.

Student Set Up

Students will need some technology to use LDB and Monitor. They will need a Windows PC, Mac or iPad. (Chromebook and Android are not supported.) If the instructor requires Monitor, students also need a working webcam and microphone. They will also need a quiet, well lit space.

Accessibility Concerns

Because LDB restricts the student from using any other software, it blocks them from using assistive technologies, such as screen readers. This may require the instructor to make accommodations for students needing these tools. Please contact eLearning and/or ACCESSibility Services for details.


As with most online tools, the first line of support will be the instructor. Do the best you can to solve the issue and then reach out to eLearning. However, during this time, we have more limited resources. We will do our best to help, but please have options in case we can’t assist in time.

If students have issues with LDB, please have them contact the CCCS Help Desk. They will escalate any issues they can’t solve to eLearning.

How Do I Get Started?

During this first run in SP20, we are trying to avoid overwhelming eLearning, ACCESSibility and ITSS by limiting the number of departments using the tool. These departments are chosen by the Deans.

Starting in SU20, we hope to have it released to all PPCC courses.

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