D2L and Incompletes

This afternoon, I’ve had a number of emails about what happens when a student gets an Incomplete (“I” grade) in Banner. So, I thought I’d share here. Right now, I’m working on the assumption we are still following EP-240. However, everything is fluid, so if it does change, I’ll try to update here the effects on D2L.

EP-240 says,

“Incomplete grades which are not converted to a letter grade by the instructor after one subsequent semester (not including summer semester) will revert to an F grade…” 

So, any student who receives an “I” grade in any SP20 course would have their access to the SP20 shell extended until December 13, 2020 which is the end of the subsequent (FA20) semester.

It would be up to the student(s) and instructor to implement the plan laid out in the Incomplete Contract to complete the course, and update the Banner grade, before then.

  • Students will not be put into SU20 nor FA20 sections in D2L unless they enrolled for SU20 or FA20 courses in Banner.
  • Instructors will retain access to the D2L shells until the next scheduled D2L purge. SP20 is scheduled to be purged in April, 2022.
  • Supervisors/Chairs/Deans will retain access.

Have questions about D2L and Incompletes I didn’t cover here? Please post them in the comments below or email us at e.Learning@ppcc.edu.

2 thoughts on “D2L and Incompletes

  1. Hey there,

    What about a student who received an incomplete in Fall2019 but due to CoVID19 cannot complete the in-class portions needed to remove the incomplete in SP20?

    1. I would reach out to your Dean in this situation. Work with them to decide what the next action, if any, would be. We would then work with you and your Dean to make any needed accommodations within D2L.

      According to policy, FA19 incompletes retain access through May 12th.

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