Putting out Sparks, Avoiding Forest Fires

Sparks in the dark
eLearning is putting out a lot of D2L “sparks” this week.

Today, I made it a point to walk the faculty offices here at Rampart twice. I know Jacque, Marc and Rob each spent time in the faculty offices at Centennial today as well. How do we have time to walk the offices with the craziness of moving all of the classes online? The answer I give is, “We put out sparks, to avoid forest fires.”

Most of the issues we run across during a walk through the faculty office are simple. How do I load a file to D2L? How do I create an assignment? Lately, the two most common are ‘How do I get started with WebEx?‘ and ‘How can I load a paper quiz into D2L?‘ If we spend 5-10 minutes with you sorting out the issue in a low stress situation (“the spark”), it often avoids an hour later under higher stress (“the forest fire”). In short, we are saving time in the future by taking care of the issue in the office today.

So, the next time you see one of us wandering the office, if you have a question or concern, please ask. If you think of it later, or are keeping your social distance? Email eLearning (e.Learning@ppcc.edu) or call us at 502.3555. You’ll be directed to the person most able to assist you at that time.

…and I feel like this is the required end to this post:

Smokey the Bear: Remember! Only you can prevent forest fires

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  1. Thank you for all that you are doing to help people out. As you know, the folks who have not ever taught online are struggling and your calm and patient help is just what is needed to dampen the spark.

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