Part 2 – FA19 Course Evaluation Using D2L Surveys

This fall, we will be doing Course Evaluations using the D2L Survey tool.  The survey will be shared to each D2L shell in the FA19 semester for your students to access.  Surveys will be open November 24-December 9.  A copy of these directions will be sent to student emails on Friday as well as posted on the front page of D2L.

For students to access the survey, they will need to go into each course and click on the Survey link (which will be turned on by default on Friday):

The students (not instructors) will then see a list of all Surveys in the course.  The Course Evaluation survey will be the only one for most classes.  Note, the students will have unlimited attempts to complete the survey so they can complete it for all courses.  D2L will track the class the student accesses the survey from, so it’s important for the students to know what class they are accessing in order to evaluate.

Click on the title to open the Survey:

The students will then see the same questions as they have seen in previous semesters.  The questions are duplicated with one area to respond.  This is a limitation of D2L:

Once the survey is completed, the students should click on “Complete Survey”.  They will be prompted to confirm.

Once confirming, the student will get a confirmation screen which will include the name of the course.  Since instructors will not have immediate access to who has completed the survey, students should take a screenshot and/or print this page for their records as evidence of completion:

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