FA19 Course Evaluation Using D2L Surveys


There’s no easy way to say this, course evaluation for FA19 is going to be a challenge. Our contract with eXplorance, the makers of Blue, expires on October 30th. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the contract, we cannot extend through the end of the FA19 semester. What’s worse is, we didn’t find this out until just a few weeks ago.

We are currently working on getting a new contract through the bid process, but it won’t be done and ready for the FA19 semester. So, we are very much in scramble mode and will use the D2L Survey tool to collect full semester course evaluations. Please be patient with us as this is going to challenge us all.


Where will the Surveys appear for Students?

Surveys will only appear to students. The Surveys tool will appear in each course’s navigation, likely under the ‘More’ menu. (We are still considering moving it to a more visible location.)

Surveys will be found under the More menu in each D2L course’s navigation.

Once on the Survey tool, the student can click to enter the Course Evaluation FA19 survey. The number of responses is ‘unlimited’ to allow students to complete the survey for all of their courses. D2L will track who completed the survey and from which course.

Will the survey questions be different?

No, the survey questions approved previously will continue to be used.

Will the survey still be confidential for students?

Only PPCC Online (D2L) Administrators and Institutional Effectiveness (IE) will have access to the student names. This is very similar to the current process.

Will instructors be able to see the survey?

No. Only students can see and submit surveys.

I give extra credit to students who complete the survey. How will I get a list of those completing for my class?

Unfortunately, D2L is not built to supply this information to instructors. A work around is to have the students send you a screenshot of the survey completion screen.

How will I get the results of the surveys?

We are still working on details, but IE will have access to all of the data and will report out as directed by the Deans and Dr. Baker. Please expect much longer times to get results though.

What about the old data from Blue? How do I get that?

You can get it on the widget through October 30th. After that, it will be archived. Because of the time it takes to pull these reports, we are requiring Dean approval and ask they only be pulled from archive when absolutely necessary.

What will be used for SP20?

We are confident we can get a contract for a tool and get it implemented in time for SP20. As of this writing though, that has not been completed.

I have a different question/comment. Where can I add it?

While email may work in some cases, right now, the best way is to ask in the comments section below. That way, we can put the answer out to the college community more quickly. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “FA19 Course Evaluation Using D2L Surveys

    1. We considered using paper for this term. However, there were several things working against it. First is the cost to print and distribute the surveys. Second, the security of ensuring that the surveys are not viewed by students/staff not authorized to view the submissions. Also, the ability to transfer the results from paper to a database was prohibitive. Finally, we’d have to have a digital solution for online classes any way. So, we decided to stick with one solution for all classes and thus paper was eliminated as an option.

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