D2L Updates v.20.19.5 (May)

Changes will hit tomorrow (May 17) to D2L. Being this is one is between semesters, I’m going to implement some other changes D2L has recommended. That way, you can start the SU19 term with the changes in place and have fewer changes in the middle of the term.


D2L has implemented a new tool where instructors can grade submissions by adding comments on top of the file. This feature is very similar to GradeMark through TurnItIn. Both tools will be available. Below is a video from D2L with details. One big thing to note, like GradeMark, this tool is not accessible. Accessibility Services is aware of the limitations and may request accommodations as students needed.

Quick Eval

D2L has also added a wonderful tool called Quick Eval. This will display all of the items (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes) that need grading in all of your courses. This will help you find what’s missing and directly link you to what needs grading. Here’s D2L’s video on this tool:

SMS Notifications Turned Off

D2L has a bug with T-Mobile and Verizon that is resulting in SMS messages showing up late…sometimes days late. In order to prevent miscommunications, we are turning the SMS feature off for the summer and re-evaluate in the fall.

Email notifications will still work.

Department Chair Password Rules Updated

Last October, I had to change our Department Chair passwords as they were far from secure. Beginning in May, all passwords to D2L must conform to CCCS-IT standards. This means that all passwords must be 14 characters long and be changed every 180 days. So, you may be asked to change it when you log in. If you need a password reset, please contact eLearning.

This does not affect S# accounts used by students and instructors.

Non-D2L Changes That May Affect You

  • CCCS-IT is blocking all emails with blank subject lines to prevent spam. Make sure you and your students have a subject or the email may not get through.
  • CCCS-IT has added a warning for emails coming in from outside the system. This is intended to help you catch email scams.
CAUTION: This email originated from outside of the Colorado Community College System. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe. Please contact your college IT Help Desk if you have any questions.
  • PPCC ITSS is updating staff computers. Please refer to Cyrille Parent’s emails on April 15th and April 30th for details.

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