Where’s My Evaluations?

Far and away, the most common question I’ve had the last two weeks has been, how can I get my course evaluations? Sometimes it’s from Deans or Department Chairs, but even faculty and instructors are asking the question. Let’s see if I can help some here.

First, SP19 evaluations aren’t going to be ready for awhile. In order for evaluations to be opened, first all grades must be turned in. This gives the students confidence they can post honestly without grades being held over them. Likewise, the students’ ability to fill out course evaluations ends one week before the end of the term. That way, students can’t just take it out on an instructor if they get a bad grade.

Okay, now that we have timing out of the way, how can instructors and faculty see their feedback? Go into D2L and right below the My Courses widget will be a widget where you can see your reports for previous semesters. Deans and Department chairs, using their S# account (not DC) will see a second widget of courses they supervise.

If you run into any issues with Course Evaluation, please email them or call 502.3555.

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