eLCC Day 3: The Future of eLCC

The eLCC conference was not well attended. Yes, most of those who signed up did attend, but it was down about 40% from last year and that number was down from the year before. PPCC sent our normal sized group and a couple of other colleges were well represented. However, many other schools were not.

Many don’t know this, but eLCC isn’t just the conference. They meet monthly and have other side groups with other projects. Like the conference though, numbers are dwindling. (I’d link the schedule here, but the web page is out of date…) So, at the conference there were a few sessions talking about what the organization could do to turn things around.

Personally, I’d like to see more attention being brought to the monthly meetings and definitely more advertising about the conference earlier in the fall. Not sure if that will happen, but I’ll do my best here at PPCC. After all, this is an organization that has given a lot to me, both in knowledge and opportunity.

Have any ideas to help eLCC get more attention? Feel free to drop me a line and I’ll pass it along.

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