D2L January Updates (10.8.9)

D2L’s patch 10.8.9 will hit PPCC Online on Friday, January 18th. There will be no down time. Full D2L Release Notes

This month’s patch has very little that will apply to us. The biggest is the interface in Assignments. The columns have been updated:

New layout of Assignment tool.  Upper right includes a

One column has been removed, “Flagged Submissions”. Very few instructors were using this column and D2L wanted instructors to know more about how many submissions there were and where each stood in the grading process.

If you don’t care for the new look, you can go back to the old look through the SP19 semester by clicking on the arrow in the upper left.

…and that’s it. Thankfully, this is a pretty quiet month for updates. Let’s hope the rest are this quiet.

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