When will SP19 classes show up in D2L?

SP19 courses appeared in D2L on December 17th. Be sure to check the waffle to see if your are hiding in D2L. If they aren’t there, be sure you are enrolled in Banner as the instructor.

I have extra classes on D2L that were canceled. How do I get rid of them?

Email Rob or me and we’d be happy to remove them for you.

What’s up with the email?

PPCC turned of D2L email in May, 2018. All email now goes to @ppcc.edu or @student.cccs.edu. The links in D2L can send, but not receive, emails.

Are there any big changes to D2L?

No. D2L now does monthly updates. Some are little. Some are bigger. The key thing is to expect minor changes throughout the semester. Check back here and in your email each month for what’s changing.

When is the last day to request Crosslisted Courses?

Wednesday, January 9th. Crosslists take 2 days to process. Please request them on our Forms page.

I need a new Master Semester shell and/or courses copied between instructors. Where can I request this?

Check out our Forms page. This ensures we have the information we need and can work as a team to meet those needs. Please do not email these requests as we will redirect you to the Forms.

What if I forget how to do something in D2L? Where can I get online help?

The Knowledge Base has many articles to help you the help you need. Can’t find something? Drop us an email and we’d be happy to send you a direct link.

I’d prefer to meet with someone in person. Are you available for appointments?

Yes. We are open 5 days per week at Centennial in A-229 and I (Nate) am available Tuesday through Thursday in the Rampart Library. We encourage you to Contact Us to reserve a time, but welcome walk-ins as well.

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