D2L Patch 10.8.8 and December Changes

December is bringing a couple of waves of changes. Being that it’s between semesters, most of these changes won’t affect instructors and students until SP19 gets underway. While the list looks long, there are only a couple the average user will see.

December 20

D2L moved from a local sever to AWS. Students and Instructors should not notice a difference other than the outage on December 20th.

December 21

The envelope has been removed from the navigation, both on the My Home and Course Home. A new link has been added to the My Home navigation that will allow instructors and students to send emails. It will also allow both students and instructors to see Sent Mail (from D2L) along with adjust email settings.

New navigation look without the envelope and adding the "Send Email" link.

December 28

Because of our move to AWS, the monthly update has been postponed to December 28th. There are two substantial changes here with a few smaller ones mixed in. Let’s just hit the two big ones here.

New Quiz Interface Now Only Option

Many of you have opted into the new Quizzing experience. Come December 28th, it will be the only interface for creating Quizzes:

New quiz interface

Rubric Creation Interface Changes

This one could be huge. Creating a rubric can now be done all on one page. The first tab is identical to the way it was before. However, now you can copy/paste into each cell and if you need a new row or column, they are just one click away. This will make the loading of rubrics into D2L much smoother!

New Rubric creation page

Smaller Changes

Details of the smaller changes can be found at the full D2L documentation below. However, I wanted to list a few here:

  • Ability to change Assignment Folder type
  • Slight change to Assignment grading interface
  • Slight change to Assignment rubric grading interface
  • Slight change to Discussion Rubric grading interface

Full D2L 10.8.8 Information

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