No Email Inbox in D2L

The last few weeks have brought a run in questions about email.  So, I thought I’d clarify a few topics.

D2L Does Not Have an Inbox

All email goes to a student’s official college email  There isn’t an Inbox in D2L.  (Yes, some students do configure the widget to access their email from within D2L, but most do not.) If students have difficulty accessing their email, please direct them to the page on Student Email.

Instructor email all goes to their payroll email address.  For most instructors, that’s  In addition to access through Outlook on campus and through the portal, instructors can also access their email through Outlook Web Access.

D2L Can Send Emails

While there is no inbox to check email, both students and instructors can use links within D2L to send emails to other users.  This can be done through the envelope at the top of the screen, the Classlist and many other locations within D2L.  Copies of sent mail is retained within D2L.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in eLearning.

2 thoughts on “No Email Inbox in D2L

  1. “Copies of sent mail is retained within D2L”. However, as far as I can tell, if you actually want to see any emails you’ve sent, you need to send a copy to yourself along with the intended recipients. Am I missing something?

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