D2L Patch 10.8.7 (November)

D2L will release patch 10.8.7 to PPCC Online on Friday, November 16th during the early morning hours.  Full release notes can be found on the D2L Community page.  

The November update will have three substantial changes to how PPCC Online (D2L) looks and will only minimally change how it operates.

1. New look to the tiles in the My Course widgetNew Tiles in My Courses Widget

This will give more information in the tiles, such as when the course opens/closes to students. (Instructors always have access to courses.) . It also will show the Department the class is in as well as give more detailed information about the number of new submissions and discussions.

2. Quizzes now taken in full screen

Quiz displayed in full screen without navigation

Notice that the navigation bar along with the PPCC Online logo is no longer displayed.  This will allow the students to focus on the quiz.  The ‘X’ in the upper right is to close the quiz without submitting, while the traditional blue “Submit Quiz” (not shown above) button will still be at the bottom.

3. Grading of Assignment submissions will be full screen

Assignment submission displayed in full screen

Like the students Quiz experience in #2, instructors will get more space by giving up the navigation while grading Assignments.  To return the navigation, click on “Back to Submissions”.

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