My Courses and the Waffle

When I first saw the new My Courses widget with Daylight, I had very mixed feelings.  Yes, it added some much needed color and images to the front page of D2L.  However, with those tiles came some substantial drawbacks.  The loss of the list, the ability to filter and put the tiles in custom order easily really hurt the usage of the tool.  Last night, when the entire widget crashed, it really showed how the My Courses widget has given up functionality for the images.

So, this leads me to where to get the functionality of the old widget, the waffle.  The waffle icon is at the top of every page and gives you access to all of your courses in a list.  We can search, pin them in the order we want and in short, get everything we had before.

I’ll be honest, I don’t look at the My Courses widget any more to find classes.  I go straight to the waffle.  Does this defeat the purpose of the My Courses widget?  Who knows?  I just know it’s a change I made to adjust to D2L’s new interface.

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