July 2018 D2L Update

D2L does monthly updates.  Most of the items they update are bug fixes and small quality of life changes.  Recently, however, they have started to incorporate larger changes as part of their monthly updates.  So, I’m going to share some of the highlights here.

D2L’s July update (v 10.8.3)

Popup indicating maintenance mode on IE 11

The message will encourage users to download Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Text Only Submission to Assignment folders.

Assignment folder text only option

Course grouping in the My Courses widget 

My Courses widgets grouped
Note, this image displays groups based on Semester where we will be grouping by Role only.

Improved widget style for homepages

Improved styling of widgets and background on homepage
Slight reshaping of widgets and a light gray background.

Removal of image and text information items

As images and text can be included in any type of question using the features of the HTML editor, there is no longer a need for image and text information items. Image and text information items in existing quizzes or question libraries convert into sections, and are still displayed to learners attempting the quiz. One section is created for each existing image or text information item. Once the conversion of existing image and text information items is complete, the ability to create new image and text information items is no longer available.

Turnitin v2 Integration 

TII Integration page with GradeMark turned on
Instructor file submission view
Student assignment view with feedback

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