One Week In…

There are two common question themes I’ve been getting since Daylight went active; D2L Email changes and the new My Courses widget/Waffle.

  • D2L email has been turned off and the links now point to and addresses.  So, be sure to check your Outlook/OWA account regularly as this is where all of your email will now go.  (Student email can be accessed through the portal or through the new Office 365 widget on the front page of D2L.) D2L email was archived on May 15th is now only available for academic appeals through the eLearning office.
  • The new My Courses widget has replaced the list of courses with tiles.  One of the challenges though is getting the right tiles to appear in the order you want.  The only way to guarantee a tile will appear is to pin the tile using the course selector (waffle).  Students will have the tiles appear automatically based on course dates.  Many folks have asked me how to manipulate the order they appear.  Currently, the only way to do this is through the order of pinning.  I’ve been pushing D2L for better functionality with my colleagues from around the country.  We are hoping for progress soon.

On Thursday and Friday, we had a performance issue with D2L.  It caused pages to load extremely slowly and the email to be hours slow in delivering.  The issue has been resolved and speeds should be normal with all emails processing.

Finally, if you want to get in and see how D2L works now, I encourage you to enroll in the Student Orienteering.  It’ll give you and your students a better idea of the tools and a chance to play.  This can be found on the navigation bar on the My Home page.



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