May D2L Updates (10.8.1)

Every month, D2L puts out an update.  Most of the changes are minor or have bug fixes.  However, with an increased push on updates to core D2L tools, I’ve set as a goal to better communicate the monthly updates and let you know how they may affect you.

This month’s update has two substantial changes that could affect instructors.  The first is, in Grades, the first row and first column are now locked in display.  This means as you scroll, you will not lose the headers or the students’ names.  This is great news for those of us with full gradebooks.  The bad news is, this hasn’t been added to other areas, such as Attendance yet.  Here’s hoping it’s coming soon.

The second change you may see is with Manage Dates.  This tool (Course Admin -> Manage Dates) is one that many instructors overlook.  In the past, it’s been a nice tool.  Now, it’s a GREAT tool.  You can filter and change dates all in one place.  If you haven’t look at it recently, please take a look.

That’s it for new changes as of Friday.  I know many of you are still either on break or adjusting to the Daylight/Email changes from last Tuesday.  However, don’t overlook the changes to Grades and Manage Dates.  They may make your life much easier as we head into the SU18 semester.

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