May Email Changes FAQ

Next month, we are integrating student/Outlook email with D2L.  Several common questions have come up, so I thought I’d post them here.

Will the email links in D2L still work?

Yes! The only difference is, instead of sending the email to the internal D2L system (, it will go to student or (Outlook) accounts.

Can I still check email within D2L?

As an instructor, no.  You will need to open Outlook or go to OWA. Students will have a widget on their My Home page to access email.

Can students still email each other?

Yes, email links in D2L will all convert.  So, students can still email each other from the Classlist.

Where are records kept of sent email?

Emails created from a link in D2L are retained in D2L.  Replies and emails created in Outlook will be retained in Outlook.

I work at two system organizations, which email address will D2L link to?

All instructors payroll email address will be populated into D2L.  For a few instructors, this means a non-PPCC system email address.  We will be working with CCCS-IT in the coming months to get this changed.

What will happen to the D2L email?

D2L email will be archived on May 15th.  eLearning still has access to this archive and will be available for appeals.  If instructors or students would like to keep easier access to any D2L email, they may forward it to their or address before May 15th.

I have other questions.  Where can I get them answered?

Please post a comment below or contact us in eLearning.


5 thoughts on “May Email Changes FAQ

  1. So, now I am able to send a welcome email to the entire class before the shell opens to students on the 29th. Am I mistaken?

  2. Yes, you can send emails before the first day via D2L. Of course, you can’t guarantee all students will be logging in to check their student email. 🙂

  3. How do you get access to the inbox before the transition? I don’t see those emails in outlook

  4. Hi Justin- the transition happened on May 15th. D2L email has been archived and is available for academic appeals through eLearning. All emails now will appear in your Outlook ( account.

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