Use the Course Selector (Waffle)

D2L changes (Daylight) are coming May 15th and one of the biggest changes will be how the My Courses widget looks and operates.  Right now, all of your courses appear as a list of links in the widget and there are filters based on Role and Semester:

Current My Courses widget with filters

However, with the new Daylight look to D2L, each course instead will have an image and no filter is in the My Courses widget:

Daylight My Courses widget without any filters

So, how do you get to the courses you need?  This is where the change comes in.  Yes, the My Courses widget will still show classes, but many fewer.  To get the courses you want to appear, go to the Course Selector and pin them.  It currently looks like this:

Current course selector

However, next month, the text will go away and be replaced with an icon of 9 squares.  We are calling it the “waffle”:

Daylight Course Selector (aka the "waffle")

Any courses pinned using the current configuration or the waffle will always appear in the My Courses widget.  For those of us (me included) who have way too many courses we tough to appear in a widget, we will need to get used to searching via the waffle.  At least using the waffle will remind me of this:

7 thoughts on “Use the Course Selector (Waffle)

  1. Hi Nate,
    I like the new look.
    There doesn’t appear to be a way to switch to “Student” on the new page. Will we be able to pin the courses we access as students (e.g. the ME Division page) to the main page as well?

    1. Hi Leslie- You noticed that as well? I’m part of a national group trying to get the filtering functionality put back in the My Courses widget. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any success yet. At this point, all courses pinned will appear together in the My Courses list. In order to filter, we’ll need to use the Advanced Search under the waffle.

  2. I think I see the answer–top right corner under your name, it says “as instrucotr.” That’s where we change the view?

    1. Sorry, this is me being lazy and using my administrator account and making it look like I’m an instructor. 🙂

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