FAQ -May D2L Changes

What are the major changes?

We are implementing what D2L is calling “Daylight”.  This is a new, modern look that is much more mobile-friendly.  Also, PPCC is turning off the D2L Email tool, adding the ePortfolio tool and re-organizing the Navigation and Homepage layout.

When is this change happening?

May 15th in the morning

Is there any downtime during this update?

D2L will remain up the entire time.  However, during the actual changes early in the morning, we discourage using D2L.  Alerts will be posted in the Announcement area during the transition.

Will courses need to be converted?


The only code that will need to be changed is if you manually edited HTML code to set widths of elements (tables, images, etc.) to a pixel width.  These should be changed to a percentage width.

What does it look like?

My Home:

D2L upgrade My Home Page

Course Home:

D2L update: Course Home page

I have other questions.  Where can I get them answered?

Post below or contact eLearning.  We’d be happy to answer your questions.

2 thoughts on “FAQ -May D2L Changes

  1. Thank you to you and all of your team for always making improvements. I know you are very busy so please do not get frustrated at me for asking.
    When will access to the shells become available for the fall semester?

  2. Hi Heidi- Fall courses will be ready the day after SU18 ends, August 6th. If you would like to start before then, consider requesting a Master Semester shell and copying it over once FA18 shells are available. -Nate

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