Using D2L for In-Person Classes

During my daily walk through the faculty offices, I ran into an Associate Dean who wanted to talk about how to best use D2L for in-person classes.  Unlike online and hybrid classes, which have formal PPCC standards for design and instructor practices, in-person classes are entirely at the discretion of the instructor and division.  She was concerned at the number of students complaining about the lack of structure and resources within D2L for in-person courses.

In my time troubleshooting, I’ve run into all types of D2L shells for in-person classes.  I’ve seen sections where the instructor has loaded all of their online class materials for their in-person class.  This is overwhelming for students and can confuse them as to what’s required and what’s not.  On the other hand, I’ve seen sections where the instructor hasn’t even logged in and I can see that students have logged in to find… nothing.

So, what’s right for an in-person class?  I suspect this will be a conversation PPCC looks at in the coming months. A couple of years ago, PPCC joined the other colleges in the system in requiring a syllabus and Grades be kept in D2L. My experience has shown me this is far from universally followed.  Even if the D2L shell has a syllabus and grades, students are likely expecting more, including electronic versions of handouts, a place to turn in Assignments and a course schedule.

So, let me ask you, what do you use D2L for in your in-person courses?  What should it be used for?

3 thoughts on “Using D2L for In-Person Classes

  1. I use D2L for all my classes. Each class has Modules, which correspond to the topics in the outline. Each module has all necessary handouts, power point slides, drawing files, the section from the outline that the module is for, links to quizzes, assignments, and discussions. I have all quizzes and assignments posted in the Calendar. Assignments have the assignments from the outline (and module). I have all quizzes and assignment linked to grade items. I also use the Attendance tool.

  2. Similar to Laura, I use it as a place for documents as well as discussions, grades, and uploads for assignments. I mostly teach one day a week, so it’s really an important resource because I only see my students in person on Fridays. If they miss class, or just want to review PowerPoints or look ahead at future assignments, all of this is available to them on D2L. It’s also a way for me to avoid excess printing. If they want a physical copy, they can print it. But I find more and more students just like having it digitally on D2L.

  3. I plead guilty of using a very similar shell for my fully online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. The difference is the amount of assignments each are expected to accomplish.

    D2L is source of great comfort for students who feel “lost”.

    The secret-sauce is a well-constructed D2L shell which puts learners in touch with a variety of resources and assignments in-class or out, a place to receive and submit work, and a place to share points-of-view and discuss important topics.

    An up-to-date shell can also reduce the perplexing “did I miss anything important?”

    Methods and delivery are always a work-in-progress.

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