Outage: March 4-5, 2018 7:00pm-1:30am

What happened?

A CCCS-IT authentication server became inaccessible after a piece of hardware failed.  This made it to where users already in PPCC Online (D2L) could continue, but users attempting to login could not login.

Who was affected?

All students and instructors attempting to login during the outage could not get into D2L.  This was a Sunday night, so a lot of students were logging in to complete weekly assignments.

Any lasting effects?

No.  Once the authentication server was fixed, access to D2L was restored.  At no point was any student or course data affected.

Now what?

Unfortunately, this mainly falls on the instructors and students affected.  This hit on a Sunday, so due dates may need to be altered and students may need to let their instructors they ran into issues.  If anyone wants to know when any system has issues at PPCC, they can go to the PPCC Outage Calendar.

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