Purge of D2L Courses – April 10

Removing Tiles

On April 10th, we will be purging (deleting) courses from PPCC Online (D2L).  The course data to be removed includes all courses, including Master Semester courses, FA16 and older.


Why are we doing this?

In accordance with CCCS policy, we are to remove any course data older than 13 months after the End Date.  PPCC determined the best way to do this was annually in April.  This is the 5th year we have done a purge.

How does this affect Daylight?

Daylight is changing how the My Courses widget will appear.  Instead of a list of courses, you will see up to 12 tiles of pinned and most recent courses. So, we really need to remove old courses, including Master Semester courses to better configure the Daylight experience. This removing of tiles is also the reason for the image of the man pulling up old tiling.

I have important stuff in those courses.  How can I keep my stuff?

Request a Master Semester shell from our Forms page and copy materials from the old shells into a new one with a SP18 tag.  Just be sure to act soon as after April 10th, you won’t be able to access the older materials to copy.

Does this affect Assessment shells?

No.  Only shells in the Master Semester and live semesters are affected.

I have other comments or concerns.  Where should I send them?

Feel free to Contact Us in eLearning or leave a comment below.


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  1. Do I have to fill out a form for each master shell I request or can I list all of them on the same form?

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