D2L Connection Conference – Wanna Go?

D2L is excited to bring another one-day D2L Connection Conference to Colorado on Friday, April 20 at Red Rocks CC in Arvada. There is no charge to attend this professional learning event.

Because of space, CCCS has limited each institution to 10 attendees, with the possibility of adding a few more later on if there are still seats available after all schools have weighed in. D2L is also looking for some presenters who have something to share with the attendees via 50-minute breakout sessions. (I’ve put in to do my often requested “10 Tips to Be Faster in D2L”.)

With the tight timeline, if you are interested in going, I need to get a commitment soon.  Please get me your name by the end of the day March 9th.  If I have less than 10 names from PPCC, I’ll pass all of the names I have.  If I have more than 10 names, I’ll meet with Jacque and Marc to find a way to decide which 10 get passed along and which get added to the waitlist. (Likely involving one of the hats in my office.)  We will let you know on March 12th.

D2L used to do these annually, but budgets a few years ago make them cut back.  They are very casual and it’s a great way to meet D2L folks as well as other instructors from around the system.  I’d especially encourage instructors who do not teach online to consider going.  Both CCCS and D2L are trying to reach faculty who don’t teach online to see how to better use the tools.

If you have any questions or want to put your name in the hat, please email me (nate.wadman@ppcc.edu).


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