Passwords Policy Changes March 1st

IT is changing the policy regarding passwords for employees.  Each password/pass phrase will now need to be at least 14 characters with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, special characters or numbers.  We’ll still have two passwords: one for the network and email and the other for the Portal and D2L.

I know the 14 characters seems like a lot, but it’s something that security experts are saying helps reduce cracking.  I’ve been using passphrases instead of passwords for some time now and frankly, it really helps me remember them.  Just take a phrase and add a number and/or symbol and you are set.  For example, one of my last passwords as a faculty member was ‘DeanoftheWeek#8Cindy’. (Cindy Buckley was my 8th Dean in 9 years…) . Needless to say, you shouldn’t copy my passphrase, but come up with one of your own.

The good news is… you only have to change it twice per year now. 🙂

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