Learning Technology Council (LTC)

One of my favorite parts of this job is working with other LMS Administrators and Directors from around the system.  PPCC has unique challenges, but you might be surprised how much we have in common with the 12 other schools as well as CCCOnline.

For this reason, the Learning Technology Council (LTC) meets monthly to address challenges with D2L as well as eLearning in general.  This week, we will be learning more about EAB from CCCS-IT as well as hearing from couple of guests from D2L.  We also are going to hear more about the upcoming ePortfolio tool.

No matter what your position here at PPCC is, I encourage you to reach out to Colorado’s other schools.  PPCC doesn’t have a monopoly on good ideas and it’s always interesting to see how others solve challenges to help their students succeed.

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